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  • 02 Kasım 2014, Pazar 17:16

48 amateur radio operators in Elazığ Candidate Examination Entries

48 amateur radio operators in Elazığ Candidate Examination Entries
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Turkey joined the 48 people in Elazig amateur examinations held in many cities worldwide.

Elazığ news: Photo conducted by the General Directorate of Coastal Safety Amateur radio exams twice a year, was held at the center today Elazig Anatolian Technical High School. 48 amateur radio candidates apply to become amateur radio operators , poured 1 hour sweat for 50 questions .
Information that Coast Guard regarding Exams General Directorate of Radio Operation Directorate Deputy Director Murat Atli , \"Elazığ we came the first time and really Elazığ us very were nicely welcomed and entertained. first of all to express my thanks for their interest and attention I want . last year Elazığ's sister province of Malatya , we perform this test. to increase the number of amateur radio operators and encourage great importance to such exhibits . it is also to be Elazig in the first degree earthquake zone I suppose that this issue supports the character. I think it is a very valuable public service in order to ensure a rapid communication. I Elazığ and other provinces from here that candidates succeed , \"he said . Photo Turkey Radio Amateur Society ( TRAC ) Elazığ Branch Chairman Muzaffer Gürtaş in \"TRAC Elazığ Branch founders, made ​​reference to the headquarters of the Board of Directors receives authorization from our office and the provincial associations Radio Amateur Society of Turkey was formally established after the examination Elazığ Branch. I hope our friends passing grade by taking the examination are eligible to become amateur radio operators and join us , \"he said .

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