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  • 05 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 16:42

Ashura Stampede in Elazığ

Ashura Stampede in Elazığ
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By Izzet Pasha Square in Elazig Anatolian Alevi Cultural Association asure distributed .

Elazığ news: Ashura distribution to citizens show interest from time to time there was a stampede. Photo Elazig Anatolian Alevi Cultural Association by being organized in İzzetpaşa Square Muharram Ashura distributed to the Governor Ömer Faruk Kocak, Deputy Mayor Asim Nazırl , President Ali with Shepherd Elazig Anatolian Alevi Cultural Association citizens attended. Elazig Governor stating that Ashura of hosting major events in terms of Islam, Umar Farouk husband said, \"Muharram especially 10 Muharram Ashura in terms of Islam , our civilization and a very important day for humanity . Very important events affecting the world history and human history Today has occurred . Hz . Cudi Noah's Ark on Mount grounding of the Prophet Adam's acceptance of the world to download and repentance , the Prophet. re-opening of the eyes of Jacob , the Prophet. a output Jesus firmament is equivalent to this day. reason being is our point of sadness day Prophet is Reyhan dem, pupil , we also look at our baby , our master the Prophet. this product was martyred with Hussein's 70 friend is also equivalent to this day. But it is also a resurrection , persecution of getting out death against injustice , can the sacrificing of humanity's resurrection also set forth a resurrection . Humanity still survives to show that we each 10 by Hussein ashura Muharram we come together to cherish those values ​​. Anyone who actually lived these values, keeping alive the humanity and human dignity . Anyone Turkey's ethnic origin , religion and belief and reputation no matter what ethnicity he is proud of his membership of a country inhabited by dude . Nobody the nationality of another , which race, lineage , which , no matter what denomination he insults the other , is a country and therefore does not exclude threat detection . No one's power will not be enough to disrupt our peace . Our location where it is a token in today , \"he said . The President Shepherd Society Photo unity of all people of the world these days , said he wished to bestow unity and brotherhood . Shepherd,\"We are all brothers . Alevis , Sunnis, Kurds, Turks , there is no such a distinction , \"he said .
Then Governor Kocak, Vice President Nazırl and made Chairman of the Association Shepherd asure distribution. Citizens lining up to get Ashura occasionally caused a stampede.


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