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  • 03 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 12:27

Board of Fisheries in Firat University

Board of Fisheries in Firat University
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Fırat University, Faculty of Fisheries'The Importance of Manufacturing Current Status of Aquaculture and Fisheries in Elazig in Turkey'discussion panel was held .

Elazığ news: Photo Fisheries Department of the panel held in the conference room Elazig Governor Ömer Faruk Kocak, Fırat University Rector Dr. You Kutbed Demirdağ , Dean of the Faculty of Fisheries Prof. Dr. Dursun Sen, JICA Association President Dr. Hussein Velioğlu, JICA Turkey Office of the President Mayumi endoH instructors, industry representatives , joined corporate managers and students. Speaking here Siirt Governor Ömer Faruk Kocak, said the capacity of 100 thousand tons of aquatic products will reach 1 million tons. Governor Kocak, \"Capacity of our writes that in 100 thousand tons , but we talked with Nail teacher. If we fully utilize this capacity there is also the chance to reach up to 1 million tons. Product diversity did not happen in the sense that not what we want . We rank first in trout production in Turkey. But this development congress we obtain as a result of information in the nature affirms or general our people Elazig dynamics also confirms the objectives laid down . number one in Turkey. Nations are inter-out area real chance to . When we use the best of our capacity, we can create new employment around 50 thousand teacher has kurultayımızda short presentation wished we had brought . one of the main reasons of forward output of aquatic products in Elazig that is the only export when we evaluate the potential here that fits with the production and industrial sectors will improve production also Considered actually development of our province we look at the impact effect and a serious engine would also be eliminated , \"he said . < br/> later, speaking Rector Dr. Kutbeddin Demirdağ , noting that the panel's fishery products is important in terms of development , \"I really have been here a panel made ​​timely important for these aspects . Aquaculture our faculty , aquaculture has proven itself with the education given and the academic staff in faculties in Turkey. Both education and also in achieving revere between areas of cultivation of Elazig foot in Turkey is a major contribution we see here happily . we began teaching education in 1982, the aquaculture training. Again, executive of the university in the year 2000 1. Elazig Economics Congress have come to the fore of results in aquaculture and the fisheries today he had come here to explain the situation. true that is surrounded by water of Turkey's three sides but surrounded by Elazig three sides of the water. we are also water resources considerably in Turkey we look for . from us that water quality is of course important. water pollution-free be especially important for human health in terms of culture . This is in terms of the development of the aquaculture panel considering potential will be of great importance , \"he said . Photo spoke to malaria , then the potential for Turkey and Elazig aquaculture by panelists and evaluated it by position. At the end of a Photo Panel awards ceremony was held.

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