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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 20:00

Deputy Prime Minister Yalcin Akdogan:

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Deputy Prime Minister Yalcin Akdogan , in Turkey , the homeland said they would definitely not tolerate surgery.

İstanbul news: Akdoğan , \"Someone , anyone gather in the streets as seeing , shut your face, can play theater to take the flags in their hands . The Turkish state and nation disrupt these games. The solution process will continue with determination , but the basic condition and the grounds thereof, is to ensure public order and public safety ,\"he said . < br/> describing the Osman Yüksel Serdengeçti of life, apostle wrote and directed Ödemis's , the Turkish Women's Cultural Association of spiritual and Press Ad Agency with funding from the General Directorate of Turkish Literature Foundation prepared \"Flag Adam Osman Yüksel Serdengeçti Documentary\"the introduction of the Turkish Literature Foundation'the program was held in . Photo participated in the program Yalcin Akdogan the Deputy Prime Minister , in his speech in Turkey \"kinds \"said that they were aware that played games. \"Kopani was like \", \"Afra was like \", \"we combine It's scrolls to \"shape voicing statements made Akdoğan , \"They think they play a Lego game. We, in Turkey , certainly do not allow surgery in native soil . What do we do it if necessary. Someone , who gathered in the streets is seeing , shut your face, can play theater to take the flags in their hands , you can expect a playing house game. the Turkish government and the Turkish nation is broke until the end of these games , infects traps and does not allow them. the solution process will continue with determination , but the basic requirement and it the floor is to ensure the public order and public safety. without compromising security on this issue , no citizen of our no organization take shit before , in a manner that protects everyone's law , this process will be continued for , \"he said .
Deputy Prime Minister Akdoğan , Osman Yüksel Serdengeçti journalist and as a politician spent his life values ​​, beliefs, principles and examples that stood tall for the sake of a life exhibit stating , \"actually called to tell him the good word goes ,'SERDENGEÇTİ'. Nothing could not deflect her way. He knows that hard to pass when needed . With the case where it was so heartfelt commitment that he did not recognize any obstacles in the end. Lawsuit people, are the people target locked . A man is nothing if it does not affect the target locked. World cannon is fired, does not look back . Target is locked , the way she walks . Produces the motivation itself . Great men are such cases . So conjuncture conditions experienced negativity , does not concern him much , he walks towards that goal blocked and produce their own energy . Case was due to an indescribable passion and enthusiasm , \"he said . Photo Akdoğan , said Serdengeçti's works will lead to many more generations , \"We're here to break out with his luggage . To uphold the values ​​that he left . We are , we are preparing to fight a really different Turkey as a power who believe in these values ​​, \"he said .

Deputy Prime Minister Yalcin Akdogan:" comments for.


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