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  • 07 Kasım 2014, Cuma 14:22

Disabled Hero, provide 10 Can Survival

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5 family lived in a village 4 house fires in Elazığ , has become used 1 and 1 barn burning barn .

Elazığ news: 70 percent of people with disabilities who noticed night fire began as a result of Mustafa Gurbuz shout out to the balcony at that moment life was saved 10 people sleeping in the house .
Incident occurred in the town of Mineral Yenibahçe village. According to information obtained , at 01.00 at night for some reason can not be determined yet found 4 houses back to back on the roof of the fire. Disabilities who noticed the fire Mustafa Gurbuz, asked for help out onto the balcony . Robust help villagers heard the cries , rescued 10 people in the house at that time. Mining districts and Elazığ Municipality firefighters from the blaze under control of the results of the study period until the morning. Fire in 4 houses , 1 barn 1 barn became available. Those who lost their homes and belongings in the fire shed a tear . 4 at home family living a total of 15 people , while the fire is learned that 5 people in Elazığ went to sojourn . Photo FIRE DIFFERENCE HAS shouting asked for help barrier indicating that the difference in the fire that lies off the Photo TV Mustafa Gurbuz, \"I saw the fire when I look from the balcony. I ran across the street to outside the house and wanted to help , shouting to everyone. I'm already lonely . I was looking my father was , not even months I remained in the middle now ,\"he said . stated that they were during Photo fire in Elazığ who Fethiye in Gurbuz, \"I do not know how the fire was . we came Kayne gave notice. no longer have anything ,\"he said . At night the house stated that up to sound asleep Ayse Gurbuz, \"Home Complete burned , we took out hard ourselves . The villagers also tried to save our belongings. We do know that out cause a fire ,\"he shed a tear . Photo Burning stating that sit in front of the house village headman Veys Gümüştekin \"appeared in the fire at night 01.00 . I woke up with a scream . I looked Mustafa Gurbuz balcony yelling'fire'he. had risen much fire. I immediately fire department , district , gendarmes gave notice called on all sides \"talked about what happened saying . < br/> started working for the Turkish Red Crescent to provide the necessary support to families from the scene after the fire is completely extinguished . Photo investigation into the incident was launched.

Disabled Hero, provide 10 Can Survival" comments for.


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