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  • 28 Ekim 2014, Salı 17:48

Elazig Mayor Discusses infallible 7 Month

Elazig Mayor Discusses infallible 7 Month
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Elazig Mayor infallible Mujahid , told a press conference in his work 7 months after the election .

Elazığ news: Elazig Mayor infallible Mujahid , told a press conference in his work 7 months after the election . Photo Elazig Mayor infallible Mujahid , in a press conference held in 7 months and was told they will do services. Infallible President , Prime Minister , Ahmet Davutoglu, with the support of a very dry to move to another region from the center of public institutions said that preliminary protocol was signed . Infallible President outlining management approaches with 3 words , \"Ethics , aesthetics, Elazig over economic values ​​as we have said since the first day we will always manage together. Elazığlı which the right to a say about'll manage with everyone else . As we have always said that our services will be fair and transparent. strong's not , we'll be next to the right. I'll give an account of everything we do as transparent and open . our secret agenda will be never be able to tell easily every performance we do. we will not waste the municipality of our first single penny , the city will make a city easy to live and high quality. All target our new Elazig for . the new Turkey as stated in our President will develop new together Elazig . Task A start was 7 months and it really goes very quickly. We use the time of planned and scheduled . We made fertile and beautiful work together within 7 months. at our request, the poorest and in this city the most oppressed by the rich is to live in a quality manner . We take all steps to facilitate the work of investors, and we will continue to take . Domestic and abroad at every meeting we support promised by inviting our investors Elazığ , \"he said .
\" MOST VALUABLE PLACES GREEN AREAS WILL BE \"Photo no neighborhood and no one othering whether they underlined President infallible , \"Sects and looking at the people we serve our priority , regardless of religion. We are making efforts to increase our green space and will do . Always have a word I say , rant highest place , we will do even if 1 meter green area . It is important to create an urban identity , the identity of the people is reflected in the city. We are always managing this city 7 months we have with you. At weddings , in sympathy , we have been in the opening . We had a book of guidance for our people . Each time it is true that we know is true , this will be our insistence that he is a necessarily and never will be . The important thing is always the interests of Elazig and always will be. Smiling face with an understanding of our personnel serving our fellowman they serve now . I thank them here , now our people at 08:05 easily carries when it comes to municipal services in every unit . I would visit a unit without notice every morning I get to visit with them and I will continue in this way. We do not patronize , we came to our people in servitude . All of our personnel in the municipality will work in this way. We do job training services this issue and will continue to do , \"he said .
CLEANING WORKERS on 30 PERCENT TIME is a different approach for those working in Photo Janitorial and infallible President stating that they have changed this perception ; \"even to the cleaning staff had gone into exile ,'My President is worthy of you see me here,'he was with . I see I have a litter of Gazi Street, which is the most central streets of the city now that is not ashamed to get there, I'd be proud . I would like to have staff who are proud to serve Elazig . In order to increase the motivation of our employees come cleaning staff cleaning one of the most visited my unit manager and that's not enough , we also have salaries increase by about 30 percent . Recently Elazig will be a much cleaner city Elazig , \"he said . The one of the most important unit in Photo municipal structure is also the Directorate of Police but in the past infallible President stating that avoid wearing official uniforms in this unit , \"We have met our Constabulary friends and they always have their would tell us , we want them to stay upright . After we put an end to the occupation pavement studies , Istanbul was a city with an example for all provinces. Police agencies also were shown examples from the magazine was to come and examine our work Elazig province from other provinces. Unlicensed businesses, was a cruel place for our business license holder . We have extended our audit in this regard. 660 licenses given in 7 months in 2013 52 thousand have given full license to our workplace . I've done 841 audits at our workplace and our artisans also support us on this issue. Only in the four walls of the room in the municipal building Elazig unmanageable . The first public meeting on Esentepe , Esentepe Cem've done in the house. Between 08 and 11:00 am each Wednesday at the public meeting , we continue to achieve our meetings. We wanted to get 5 municipalities have 3 names in our name instead of each commission and the commission council has a name , we wanted to get from the opposition. We now have members in each MHP parliamentary commission. We wanted to determine by themselves in these names and these municipalities have allocated our rooms for both the AK Party , MHP members of parliament . You examine every job we do , we wanted to check them . We met many times with our Mukhtar , creating our strategic plan , we have met in all of our public institutions. 150 times we have had discussions with our public institutions . DSI we provide unity in our work , Highways, Forestry , Health and Agriculture Department would like to thank our officials , including the mayor's number first . I personally attended the coordination meeting, 7 months, 99 per cent do not , we act together in all studies where 100 percent of the interests and the interests of Elazig . This situation gives us power while serving Elazig , \"he said.
< Strong> SPORT INFRASTRUCTURE Generating for the services of a Photo Mayor expressed that there should be stronger in Ankara foot infallible , twice Prime Minister said they met with . infallible , \"We met with our minister Başbakanımızla , we have conveyed to them the problems of Elazig our meetings . 12 years of the sport's infrastructure in order to create an opportunity for young talent and we worked towards our six children. 2 thousand 500 applications were received in this context. Neighborhoods have made international tournaments . We will continue to be mainly of infrastructure Elazığspor'un Elazığspor . Hearing Impaired was established in our first match of the team and the team last week in Istanbul Turkey 1 play away with a 2-2 draw . We perform the first leg Development Congress . The second meeting on November 29 at 4 ministers will make our contribution . Our efforts to increase the number of our ministers will attend the Congress , and our conversation continues. Extremely important issues were discussed and most prominent sectors were identified . These sectors and other sectors will be to develop locomotive , we will increase our annual turnover and imports . Again, a 2-day workshop and the Caspian Lake Harpoot time 1 day we attended the Workshop . Caspian Lake is not a Elazığ Municipality Municipality Municipality Elazig We want to serve as saying it would be missing Union said. Began one of the first municipalities than washing by passing the mosque carpet service in Elazığ. This day was made up of 45 cleaning the mosque . 7 No 400 thousand containers we have , we do not allow this , we would go to waste their maintenance and we won again . 25 grains compressed car , 2 tr , 1 container washing tool , we have 2 electric garbage collecting vehicle and have it anywhere easily gidebiliyor.4 vacuum tool and tree roots with this instrument is cleaned very comfortable , we got 24 thousand containers and left to the missing point. 1 scoop and we continue our cleaning work with one truck , \"he said .
MARKET CRAFTSMEN the IDENTIFICATION CARD President expressed that they made ​​new arrangements on
market area infallible , said that the identification cards of the SDs shopkeepers . President infallible , \"in this case the identification number of our citizens who have problems with trades in the market we will have enough to give to . We planned to cross in front of inconvenience in doing so. 153 White Table şikyet we introduce the related tracking system to more effectively solve problems on behalf of the service. Complaints about where and when it is transferred to the relevant department to be certain how much will be resolved in time and asked to solve. The first is not going to find a solution within the period specified in the notice to the vice president about 1 hour , if the problem this time is going to alert the mayor here in half an hour does not find a solution. A feature of this system is the computer and the phone off , even though the system can alert . Was also one of our most important investments in education. We visited schools to promote education . We reward our students who enter Grade , we told them that we forget our teacher training . We champion our interests in demand from schools , degree of interest and we will call you ödüllendirel goes missing . We have a sister city with Estonia's capital Tallinn and visited here . A delegation arrived here last week and found the visit. Very satisfied with the removal of this mission our cities we are also happy , \"he said .
CITY CENTER from CEMENT PLANT BE MOVED Photo Cement Plant relocation of infallible President underlined that one of the sine qua non for themselves, \"this sentence also tells us that we have inaugurated the first delegation visited the Cement Factory and after we started our conversation . This prevents the development of many neighborhoods located around the factory. For this, we need not to alienate investors moved here and doing it well . Both their need to profit from our people. In this regard we have made a place for themselves and the place was deemed appropriate allocation . Elazığ future to sign the company's own protocol on Italy in November. I estimate that 2.5 will be transported from the place where the cement factory within 3 years . Those places will be much more valuable then , we will do the work in this area . Army House junction shield and buses that locks the traffic are now in the lower part is not from this point Gazi Anatolian High School over the leaves are , again, we started the ring time to provide our people with ease and we provide single ticket Hilalkent from the East Kent transportation. Began to serve our island-car parking in the new neighborhood and we won a 110-car capacity parking area. Hand the card came to life and our tools will only be available after 1st January Hand-Card . We have a study on the conversion of buses, minibuses are continuing our discussions with the parties on this issue. We work with electrical and mechanical parking lift systems , we will first put into service in our fleet across the province . Specifications were prepared for it and we will organize the auction. Again, our town square will be six parking. We highlight the Elazig transportation company specializing in the master plan. The first time we will start producing energy from waste in Elazığ. Belay is now used to deal with waste will make gains here. We had started the tender and investments. Electricity will be produced from March 2015, respectively. Even a single penny from our pocket money will come and take over 35 percent of electrical energy . That's a record . Began to gray service connecting roads to the southern ring road. Tea-kindling neighborhood where residents often use our services boulevard 2 thousand 300 meters in length . Our square İzzetpaşa over again on September 13 . Auto gallerists site gangrene was a problem and the problem in consultation with the parties to come together , we solved by making the plans and projects of renovation. Hopefully Galericiler on April 1, 2015 Site 104 gallery 1 coffee and 1 administrative work place with to begin serving 50 thousand square meters area , \"he said .
OFFICIAL out of town piped , CIP DAM MUNICIPAL A HEADING they are doing serious work in moving the point of staying outside the city of formal institutions in the city center, the infallible Photo President said , \"we have signed a protocol with the DSI . Our Regional Directorate of Forestry protocol was signed last week and stayed at the General Directorate of Highways only . We recently talked DG and signed a protocol . These areas will be Elazığ clients. Botanical gardens, parks and walkways that culture . No square buffet and third parties to business businesses such as restaurants and municipalities to operate them . Business logic is going to be places that serve not head to head here to use our profits and our people at affordable prices . Jeep threshold will take over on January 1, 2015, the service we give to our people will make picnic areas and rest areas. Continue our correspondence relating to the General Directorate of Forestry Recreational Areas Zafran this area will be 212 thousand square meters and our municipal history . Our work with ILBANK for breeding Shar Stream project continues and we arrived at the end stage. We brought 2 of condolence home to our city . Work in progress at the Cultural Park and are now at 73 percent now . We made use of easily lift tender for 4 overpass overpass and 8 lifts to do. Our goal for the asphalt road to the village was calculated as the strategic plan , but now this figure has reached 150 thousand tons to 450 thousand tons in 7 months. We also will be stingy in generous spending and saving was our essential services . We have canceled and the cancellation of the first tender by the cleanliness of the second tender years whether we provide 3 million 500 thousand pounds gain. Urban Information System will make our ministry and our profit of 1 million 100 thousand , 580 thousand pounds from the conversion of the Ministry of Urban support , Ankara Metropolitan Municipality us with the tools we ordered and wife means 750 thousand pounds. 7 months, we only saves around 7 million 500 thousand from the tender. We did not receive one single penny of our trades council , \"he said . Mayor of Photo Mujahid infallible members of the press after the meeting ended questions answered . Photo

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