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  • 28 Ekim 2014, Salı 12:22

Elazığ Mental Health And Disease Hospital in the New Amateur My Service

Elazığ Mental Health And Disease Hospital in the New Amateur My Service
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Association of Public Hospitals affiliated to the General Secretariat of Elazig Elazig Amateur Coaches Mental Health and Treatment Center at the Hospital within the region was made available to the public.

Elazığ news: Elazığ Public Hospitals Association General Secretary attached Elazığ Mental Health and Amateur operating in the Hospital within Treatment Center , the area available to the public. Very limited opportunities with the ever drug addicts in terms of physical space
Hospital site , especially patients judicial authorities controlled submitted under the law of freedom of providing services to citizens 11 beds Amateur Treatment Center, Elazig considering re-planned regional location and geographies served . Rebuilt in a detached building within the hospital campus is in this planning framework Amateur Treatment Center, began to work upon completion of service . Going forward with a revised service plan close observation for two people , with a total capacity of 28 beds , including a detoxification room for two people. All rooms have sinks and shower stalls located has a new service in the 30-person training room and social areas where the various activities.
East and Southeast Anatolia regions 18 new Amateur giving city services Treatment Center ranks No. centers in this field between in Turkey. < br/> Photo \" we aim to be CENTERS oN SUBSTANCE ABUSE \"Photo Elazığ Mental Health and Disease Specialist Hospital Chief . Dr. Fatih Karaboğa , about the substance abuse last year, said the hospital important studies , \"in the field of substance abuse in recent years, we have had a serious distance floor. Our hospital already was bearing 11 existing Amateur Treatment Center, did not meet the physical Amateur my standards. We are concerned with our hospital and drug addiction in recent years in bed within our patients the intensity of seeing the hospital we saw the need to increase the capacity of the Amateur service. we have a total of 11 beds 28 beds . we had a new building . we aim at meeting the Amateur standards of the new building. we aim to provide more comfortable services within the meaning of hospitality . the rooms are double occupancy. in a bath, shower and washbasin available. However, a meeting room available. we focused on the rehabilitation field . we have shortened appointment times ranging from previously three months and already able to deposit directly from the patient at the moment. and we plan to gradually increasing our service in this area. in the future child drug addiction strive to become a center . Our goal is the bleeding wound of the society as a mental health hospital and instead of going to bring our part in substance abuse has become a major problem and our people to be useful in this regard , \"he said .

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