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  • 02 Kasım 2014, Pazar 18:18

Elazığspor Fan Calls President Öztürk

Elazığspor Fan Calls President Öztürk
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ELAZIĞSPOR Club President Selçuk Öztürk , asked them to show interest in passolig calling on fans .

Elazığ news: The fans in the far Elazig 2 thousand 876 people Ozturk President recalled that passolig , said they wanted this edition of the reach tens of thousands. Photo Elazığspor Club President Selçuk Öztürk , held a press conference at the clubhouse . Öztürk said they want to revive a little more the passolig events at the meeting , \"Elazığspor'u We are going well , thank goodness . It let's invite our stadium now our valuable supporters in return. We want to see our stadium. We're going Displacement those , deplasmanlarda which under us , the team with less points fans we more by multiples of . this makes us sad. believe when we go outside that fans of teams can apply serious pressure . Samsun lived it. Samsunspor fans have created considerable pressure to support approximately 2 thousand 500 punters teams. that we are , why we must not. I've done so far , \"he said . < br/> the fans that he was right and passolig given 15 pounds of charge asked that in expressing Ozturk, \"we are aware of that. Because our city is a city where the weight of our officers and employees. a city where the density of formal institutions . this inevitably affects our economy. But we ELAZIĞSPOR albeit a little bit of salt in the soup so we get back to the castle known you for 2 pounds , 5 pounds marathon I've done . But you believe you saw in yesterday's match we have no fans behind the goal . Here we have a number of indoor and around 259 thousand fans in the stands marathon . This saddens us believe . We ask our fellow countrymen they come they go with our valued supporters of the team . Our main goal was the result we begin to be able to keep this team league PTT 1 in the league . Because now Pendik made ​​. Set up kayyuma fell . We have reached the 8th week you get 12 points , thank God . It further ahead we expect our pitch fans , our 12 players for us to carry it , \"he said . Photo Passolig sales increase of voicing their desire to reach they expect and ten thousand Ozturk, his speech continued:Photo \"We have as of today passolig ticket number the number of fans watching the match thousand 876 thousand 259 thousand eleven We want to see in them . We ask this. See the club we are making sacrifices . You know the costs of the stadium known . There is electricity expenses. Last state was also serious problems related to electricity. Configuration you've done it . Electrical safety in the match rate currently working there part-time staff. Soil has to care. We already can not afford our expenses related income . We do not expect him evaluated after that time , but you also please fans of our ticket price of 5 pounds is 2 pounds. A moment before they receive this passolig card. Match them come , we go with them , so that they support. \"

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