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  • 02 Kasım 2014, Pazar 17:22

Erbakan Fatih Erbakan Elazığ Foundation President Arrives

Erbakan Fatih Erbakan Elazığ Foundation President Arrives
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From Elazig Foundation Chairman Fatih Erbakan , Erbakan Necmettin father of projects put forward by Erbakan and his followers said they would be unmaintained .

Elazığ news: Photo Foundation Chairman Fatih Erbakan , Erbakan came to participate in the foundation's efforts to establish Elazig Elazig Branch. Elazığ, foundation Elazığ Branch of Erbakan explaining that decided the direction that Armstrong Haluk , \"Erbakan Foundation every which should not be considered as a foundation. Erbakan foundation , but also a person or person's unknown whether a foundation in order to keep the individual in the name I would. Trust our founding objective of Erbakan our over 45 years of struggle , our nation , working as a science project posed for and the salvation of all mankind Islamic world and a concrete way to bring forth . These are also the whole nation and the destination to transfer to humanity is a foundation established for the purpose , \"he said . Photo on the four corners of Turkey even in the four corners of the world Erbakan , hereinafter 20 years one is saying 30 years ago the emphasis that they witnessed seeing what takes place Fatih Erbakan , \"In the speech he made ​​at the beginning of a more 90s today in the Middle East we witness told what happened . so Erbakan our interest-free economic system project revealed for the salvation of humanity , fair economic system project, the D-8 and D-60 such projects and solutions in the hope today's conditions of project proposals in a format updated to be effective and scientific way to work is a foundation that would fulfill such a duty to reveal and transfer to humanity. If the project revealed that our Erbakan was applied today in Syria , Iraq , Egypt, Palestine will emerge unwanted images . Erbakan arguments concerning our economy , if the project is able to apply and can be applied through the implementation of an interest-free economic system today around the economic crisis , hunger, poverty would not be experienced . Would be largely eliminated . Hopefully we will be followers and maintainer of this project are revealed . Hopefully it will carry the banner to the last breath we take over . In this study, our results in himself reaching alive heralded as a result and triumph both our nation and we will have the floor leading to the Islamic world , \"he said .
Then Erbakan Foundation Chairman Fatih Erbakan , carried foundation press the consultation meetings related to the work of Elazig branch off.

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