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  • 06 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 11:33

Firat University has signed 87 Culture and Art Activities

Firat University has signed 87 Culture and Art Activities
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Firat University scored 87 in cultural and artistic activities , as well as scientific studies in the last 10 months.

Elazığ news: Photo Firat University 10 months, the piano and the guitar recital , Harpoot music to , Sevcan Orhan , Umut Akyurek , Esat Zucchini concert of the many national and international symposia up involving various organizations where 87 cultural and artistic events were hosted . Fırat University Rector Dr. Kutbeddin Demirdağ , \"we have signed so far 87 organizations in 2014. Completing a significant deficiency in the activities conducted by our University . Our university in 2015 will celebrate its education and training in 40 years. Due to 40 years will be held a variety of activities . University of effectiveness as well as to other organizations held in city we also hosts the university. with other government agencies and organizations about this, we will continue to help those who want to realize the organization , \"he said . in the event held at Firat university in 10 of the Photo 2014 İzzet Altınmeşe , Sevcan Orhan , Esat Zucchini , Umut Akyurek Atalay had met at the Blacksmith ,, Ataturk Cultural Center. For those who like the western music of the guitar and Prof. Christine Sandsengen Dr. Nina gave a piano recital Kvançtrinadz . Local music , Turkish folk and Turkish classical music , Sufi artistic events such as concerts , as well as many universities in national and international symposiums , panel discussions, and a variety of scientific activities at the congress was hosted .

Firat University has signed 87 Culture and Art Activities" comments for.


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