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  • 28 Ekim 2014, Salı 12:48

Firat University, was attacked in Health

Firat University, was attacked in Health
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Towards becoming a health center of Firat University Hospital continues to launch important work .

Elazığ news: Firat University Hospital continues to launch important work towards becoming a health center of the region. Photo Firat University in 2013 in the Hospital within which to make it more useful by making the project revision the new clinic and the total area of ​​the operating room construction , while 37 thousand 500 square meters, two floors in the building clinic , a floor operating room, dialysis center and a technology center was designed as a floor and a floor administrative floor. With a strong reinforced concrete quadrupled in the new building's construction period , plaster, flooring marble and exterior insulation manufacturing discharged , the operating room of continued solid reinforced concrete and was recorded for the completion of the concrete of the place until the end of 2014. Five-story attracted attention with Photo Architectural building new clinic and operating room for motorists coming to the hospital in the construction comfortably in addition to the existing parking lot to be able to park 120 cars capacity while the new parking lot , along with the completed towards the end of 2015, construction will begin on landscaping and landscaping work . Which will be held here will be both make the hospital entrance a more visual with a new main entrance door will be reduced both traffic density. Photo Firat University Hospital is just as important a health facility for the region, not to Elazig expressing Fırat University Rector Dr. Kutbeddin Demirdağ , \"planned in accordance with the current conditions and the introduction of the new five-story building that will be completed in 2015 , our citizens a much more comfortable way of treating that can be done here . Which is one of the most important centers in the health sector, Firat University Hospital within an important building in 2015 will be more tender . radiation Oncology was prepared tenders for building work to be carried out to tender in 2015 and soon will begin construction of the new unit , \"he said .

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