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  • 07 Kasım 2014, Cuma 19:06

Former Minister Akdag from'Health Policy in Turkey'Conference

Former Minister Akdag from'Health Policy in Turkey'Conference
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Elazığ'\"Transformational Leadership and Health Policy in Turkey\"Former Minister of Health who participated in the conference and the AK Party deputy of Erzurum Recep Akdag, the AK Party was successful conversions in areas where the government said that perform faster .

Elazığ news: AK Party deputy of Erzurum Photo Recep Akdag arrived in Elazığ . Akdag, first visited Mayor Mayor Mujahid Mujahid infallible in his office received information about the study from infallible . Governor Ömer Faruk Kocak is then visited the provincial president of the party Akdag, Firat University Faculty of Medicine'Transformational Leadership and Health Policies in Turkey \"conference. The audience
Conference Governor Ömer Faruk Kocak, the AK Party Elazig Deputy Suay Alpay , Mayor Mujahid infallible , Fırat University Rector Prof. Dr. Kutbeddin Demirdağ , Independent Industrialists'and Businessmen's Association Elazığ Branch Av. Abraham heavens , academics and students attended. for 10 years in
conference about their work in the health field information that Akdag, the AK Party said that faster perform transformations in the areas to be successful . replace them before focusing on the urgent need of the citizens he said, \"Such long-term , and let then strategies should develop research , let's try , two years after you thought we could change it later another ministerial income . Therefore, according to my observation a transformational receive the support of the people is the most important job to do the leading . In fact, the AK Party's nephew did this ball . Not only in the Ministry of Health. We made a change in the political field. Made a fundamental change in politics and government has created the concept of the citizen as to provide service . Which areas can be discussed , but in how successful we have been successful in areas where we have performed the conversion faster , \"he said .

Former Minister Akdag from'Health Policy in Turkey'Conference" comments for.


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