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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 21:40

Government spokesman Arınç'tan'Hdp'y Call

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Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc, hdp'n for his application to go to the Ministry of Justice İmralı'nın , \"You stay in Kandil with Öcalan's anvil attractive.

Ankara news: Give yourself your decision. We will assume the role undertaken with courage , \"he said .
Deputy Prime Minister and Government Spokesman, Bulent Arinc, said in a statement after the meeting of the Council of Ministers , \"was a mining disaster occurred in Ermenek . They reached the corpse , still continue our search for 16 workers studies. Today's agenda , Deputy Prime Minister Yalcin Akdogan parliamentary calendar, Minister for EU Affairs and Chief Negotiator with the EU accession process volcano made ​​a presentation on the steppe . Labour and Social Security Minister Faruk Celik occupational safety and Energy and Natural Resources Minister Taner Yildiz gave a presentation outlining the mining sector. Mr. Prime Minister job security and the necessary amendments to the mining law will be presented to the public on Wednesday. The internal and external developments and the AK Party was evaluated started the conference schedule next , \"he said. Photo Description After answering journalists'questions Arinc, a journalist,'6 thousand trees were cut in Soma. Supreme execution decision on this issue gave , how would you evaluate this decision, the question of \"Arinc said,\"the sad event took place . possible to summarize the decision of the Council of State 6. Office , members of Greenpeace who opened the case. two decides the matter , waist of such thermal plants attract the attention of law with olive the latter can be done at a distance also for the presence of an illegality on the urgent expropriation . has to decide within a maximum of 2 months because it is subject to a speedy trial . the adherence to this decision and to the requirements of the decision task for us. We're not here side of the Parties is the company that . the Law this clear provision and the Council of State's decision in accordance with the company falling matters is to fulfill this need . we need to know that , especially in some regions in Turkey have been the olive trees almost to the support and incentives provided by our government . The mountain is filled with stone olive trees. This is not a bad thing. A luxuriant crop of olives . Their presence has been spent in front of Turkey's Spain . This is a richness. Health care, the whole world knows the value of olive oil. This has now become a strong industrial yes they have nice things, but also to Turkey's energy needs . The balance between the two nature , as a rule have to connect to the sensitive nature of government. If these provisions in the old law also needs to be updated quickly. Shortage is not just about making olive fields related to thermal power plants . Today he has a district of Bursa, Gemlik , but unfortunately in Gemlik earthquake zone . Our government wants to find a strong Gemliği acquire land for the construction of a safer city. But should be good places to apply for such a strong base to build on gemlig olive fields. Each area Gemlik earthquake will happen when he will flee your sleep . A small portion of the area will not be allowed anything productive with olives . However , everyone made ​​a decision of conscience . Even the Supreme Court ignored this requirement in mind existing laws Gemlik . We'll build gemlig now been in space again , we think so. We need a legal basis . Our compatriots in Soma are the people we love ours but forgotten that further 4-5 months before this power plant basis of had holidays all villagers on the day of discarded \"he said .
\" THEIR MOST PARTY , NOT MARTIN \"Arinc Deputy Army Photo Idris Naim Sahin reminded the party will establish , \"Let them know what will be the thing they setup. This is no time of the response of the community , I say that the heavy stone in place . This valuable heed what people have to say. These are not the most party , martin . Political parties are indispensable elements of democratic life. Or a person you mention my name I let the party you called the president , \"Anatolia News Agency reporter somehow come'to say does not mean anything to Turkey's politics. We think that they have the same idea that some people should be able to come together , \"he said .
\"7'< strong> SI DE A PARTY DOES NOT \"Photo Arinc,\"in 2035 together with people who have the same thoughts should be able to enter . Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the presidential election only , was cited as the candidate of the party for bread Ekmeleddin 14 . 14 to 7 did not even have to sign sini . 7 is also not a party. I guess they will build 14 party. These securities had been looking for if they are selected from the AK Party . Do not ask me again in those names , \"he said. Photo HDPE'< strong> THE MINISTRY OF JUSTICE Na Imrali OR APPLICATION MADE FOR TO GO Arinc reminded of his application to go to the Photo İmralı'nın hdp'n the Ministry of Justice , \"7 days was 15 days. You say you're their account . They will be asked if we asked the Minister of Justice . She wants to go to a group of parliamentary candidates from the judging controversy in recent days hdp'but the Ministry of Justice has not yet responded. See the solution process continues , we stand still , we masad . I told you this would continue until a certain point . HDPE where to stop , do not want Do you really want the solution process , in response to the government's request from October 6 to 7 against were burning up the mess since after them support he quit the street from us, what are waiting for God's sake. We are a member of parliament in this process , we find useful to facilitate the extension of political affairs. You Kandil with Öcalan remain between the anvil attractive. Give yourself your decision. We will assume the role undertaken with courage . In the past people have paid a valuable consideration for the pain . They should be involved in the event . Something grinning interlocutor who leave letters in the alphabet do not talk ourselves . We actually are standing , we wonder what their attitude , \"he said .
POLICE LAW to the allegations of the changes will be made in the Photo Police Force Act , \"we do not have such a claim so disposed of in any way because each organization would be a scheme . If the Police Force as we know it is accepted that we as a pyramid pyramid geometry . However, the Police Force is currently pyramid in its opposite . 81 The number of first-class police chief in our city but close to 2 thousand . They have all chiefs of police, we know that the provincial chief of police to be able .A few thousand to around 500 excess. These people are given any task without waiting for the age limit . This is not right. Hence the need of efficient use . The superintendent , the other fourth , aggregates police chief in the third grade . These deposits also disrupts the hierarchy of disciplines. Since some studies have been completed in the past prepared . In this study, the end is not a liquidation , as put right the pyramid arrangements to be made according to an efficiency basis , starting from training both , \"he said .
\" 4 PER Mahmure A LAW IS COMING \"Photo Arinc, spoke as follows:\"the second class after the district police chiefs may be appointed as Chief of Police . No rights will be lost . Replaced by closing the Faculty of Security Studies Chiefs of Police Training Centers will be opened . President of the Police Academy in the tenure limit will be removed . Meet the needs of the first level supervisor will be able to graduate from college . 4 comes from a law sleepy head . Essentially , they are to be sent to our council . Signatures on them was completed, you can go today or tomorrow . Pension issue is not a bad thing.
200 thousand-500 thousand when I need a century to the course I will be the chief. \"Photo FEHMAN HÜSEYİN the PKK EXECUTIVE N is KILLING cLAIM Photo Bahoz Erdal from the PKK's manager , code-named Hussein Fehman a question regarding the sudden Arinc result of a raid allegedly killed , \"This issue has received information confirming . Sorry, but the investigation has reached . Our resources we do not confirm it, \"he said.
< Strong> FLAME MOVES Photo Another journalist , \"the government is a long period of time on the agenda \"Alevi opening \"Did calendar on became obvious question of \"Arinc said,\"Unfortunately, There are some organizations that meet everything from scratch. Not be able to see where they found such an intimacy. It was 4-5 years ago, major workshops, opinions were taken . On top of this came up but still made ​​the statement that some things can be done on any subject because of some radical thinking organization. This topic has come up , but in a very nice commission a study on this issue. This work will be finished before Christmas. Our prime minister is unwilling to divulge the number of issues will be expressed easily in society. Smartweed where our history is one of the most painful events experienced . Our Ministry of Culture about the Alevi culture, our Religious Affairs suppressed important books. they can be ignored , so if it does not wish to be called yet. Some of the main demands are that are negotiating as a team . We have heard the results without having to January \"gave money .

Government spokesman Arınç'tan'Hdp'y Call" comments for.


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