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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 20:23

Ministry of Labour in Parliament Budget Talks

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Labour and Social Security Minister Faruk Celik, noting the need to safeguard the benefits of the workers, \"I believe that we need to solve this problem without giving effect to any forfeiture ,\"he said .

Ankara news: Photo Steel , answered questions from MPs in the Planning and Budget Commission. Minister of Steel, the law regarding the inspection of establishments saying that it is healthy , \"The law is compatible with European Union accession process is extremely important. There are shortages in areas that we do. Apply our area , yet I would like to express our experienced difficulties in practice the law is not in that value. In October 2 thousand 79 construction area of ​​the audit was made . this thousand 610 of the occupational health and poses such situations that require stopping in terms of security . so is the clearest indication of the insensitivity table against the excess of occupational health and safety'80s , \"he said.
\"double track connection because there we made 83 stop . stop 32 is not mechanical ventilation, stopping 25 is not spare ventilation, we made 11 stop because there is no backup energy source , \"said Minister Çelik said:Photo \"is not anti methane gas and flame proof equipment 96 stop 108 stop because it is not central tracking system, we made a stop to the lack of respiratory equipment 15 . 128 In 2014 , we made a stop in coal mines . \"Steel workers about Photo Subcontractor , said that since 1936 there is a system. Steel,\"applications that we have to discipline arbitrary application area . Expertise in the public , you may receive services in areas that require technology. You can get the help service jobs. Other than that you can not service , \"he said . Regarding the termination indemnity Photo Steel ,\"We must safeguard the compensation of our employees . This rate will be 6 m , we get to sit8 will be guaranteed their individual account , I continue negotiations with the unions . Up to 90 per cent in case we do not receive the benefits of the working lives of the working class . I believe that we need to solve this problem without giving effect to any forfeiture , \"he said . Stating that an agreement among themselves the four coal companies in the Photo Ermenek steel , so you can not talk of the workers and said that they were investigating the matter. Photo Syrians in Turkey said might work in vacancies Steel , said employees will not exceed 10 percent of workers.

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