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  • 05 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 18:56

Press the Call to the Public Prosecutor Bike Board Member

Press the Call to the Public Prosecutor Bike Board Member
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Press Ad Council (RCC) Board Member Mustafa Arslan, who when asked to press prosecutors can give a declaration calling on the periodical magazine or newspaper print those asked to be given the necessary punishment .

Elazığ news: Photo RCC Board Member Mustafa Arslan Journalists Confederation President , RCC General Assembly and Member of Bursa Journalists Association President Nuri Kolaylı , and journalists Vice President of the Confederation and the RCC General Assembly members came to Sefa Özdemir Elazig . Press Ad Agency since coming New Year due to open its branch in Elazig to conduct briefings from the RCC Board Member Mustafa Arslan, made ​​statements . Arslan said, \"Anatolia press the tie of the unity of this country , we continue to value with in his work today about . Fulfillment of local democracy in our lives to cross the society on behalf of audit functions Tomorrow , education, jobs will continue its contribution indispensable in areas such as fulfillment of . We, the Anatolian newspaper owners, representatives, ending a marathon is always long-suffering running the final hundred meters , faithful , the institutionalization of our own our fellow journalists and newspapers , we are carrying out in better conditions free and a fight in order to continue their authenticity. Press Ad Agency 50 years ago in Istanbul, Izmir , founded by focusing Ankara . We plenary and board our membership with facing the environmental values ​​of Anatolia to return to Anatolia of this institution in the framework of walks today the center. Media our area must also be experiencing the same development. However we are carrying out an attempt . Press Ad not in the Authority's other corporate property , have the opportunity to know to produce its own legislation this press announcement from the institution the opportunity to benefit from our work with newspapers in Anatolia , we are carrying journalists in an effort to defend the rights of journalists and societies . Press Ad Agency in Elazığ Branch we take decisions in the General Assembly on the establishment of the past . Currently, we have come to this stage. We have come here to answer their questions by making the workplace with our colleagues , \"he said .
CALL OF PRESS PROSECUTORS Photo is an easy task to establish newspapers in Turkey and Arslan , indicating that it is a social communication needs \"finds its meaning in the Constitution . This function in a free environment , fulfillment is extremely natural . Today any person who will build me a newspaper editor-in-chief he graduated from high school , not just newspapers , according to the law of the periodical press to return to establish a periodical , when the prosecution will begin running the periodical press the next day. On the other hand get ads from ad agencies , especially the press , by fulfilling the requirements of the newspaper press ad agencies fulfill this task with our friends and their employees have serious grievances with due gap caused by this legislation. Periods , especially during election periods can be called hackers arises under stairs newspapers. Weekly, 15-day , monthly or say they have come . Or religious and national holidays turned the period of our or any of our needs this kind of newspaper stands out , \"he said . Photo Arslan continued its statement underlining that not themselves demand facing restrictions on publishing, \"But like we have an objection. Periodical to say , is the organ in a particular time in broadcasting . If you say you are on the weekly statement you gave to the prosecution , you have to publish a weekly newspaper . Daily or weekly newspapers , but the press ad agency to prosecution under the law of both institutions are not included in the governorate branches , are to deliver the newspaper . Delivery time they should also be subject to offset against our penal system. I want there to be a misunderstanding here but then you call our prosecutors. If you have a broadcaster to give the periodical returns , whether magazines, newspapers want to get . During his broadcast not therefore give continuity to prevent its publication , press the issuance of penalty prescribed in the law for themselves , when it blows their mind, when asked can we demand the prevention of broadcasting . Because the rights of advertisements Press Ad Agency regulations prevented in this way according to the newspaper . On the other hand I do not want to say much but the nail in front of the stairs that have opened six journalism journalism still bothering the society blackmailer , \"he concluded.

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