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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 11:40

Red Lentils Time Champion

Red Lentils Time Champion
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Yield loss due to drought experienced hit the red lentils .

Elazığ news: Lentils, 80 per cent of the pulse crops , rice was raised with the findings by 60 percent. Speculation with 80 percent zamlanarak price up to 6 pounds the beans, agricultural season in the Konya Plain dropped to 4 pounds proceed fertile . Farmers year because almost everywhere felt drought across a Photo Turkey spent inefficiently . Wheat Elazig Square pulses artisans selling their products , most red lentils, rice and wheat that zamlan , and the beans fall compared to last year , he said . Of trades , indicating that the increase due to the drought in this year's pulses price Mustafa Yilmaz , \"especially lentils, a high increase in wheat and rice. To be grain depends on the water and an increase due to the drought this year, \"he said.
< Strong> BEANS FELL Photo this year bean prices fell by voicing Yilmaz, \"due to the high crop products in the Konya Plain, this year was a decrease of 2 pounds in weight. If we think General as it was slightly different , although there is an increase in the lot. less the product bad but work place looks fine case for the trades we think in terms of , \"he said . Photo Pulses another artisans engaged in the sale , \"Everyone was affected by this year's drought. We did not find the wheat we want as artisans. last year wheat more was big , but we can tattoo the absence of water remained weak . this is a good year last year but does not hold . customers also can not take it anymore as before. in the past 5 pounds area , is 3 pounds . help me God. However, was the decline in lentil beans 2.5 pounds . It caused an artificial rise offer low on beans , \"he said .
MERCİMEK 80 percent was raised Photo Elazig Food, Agriculture and Livestock Directorate of pulses according to data from October 2014 to October 2013 was raised lentils with 79.7 percent. Wheat 61 percent , while the barley came time by 45 percent. last year and voicing this year's drought experienced Elazig Food, Agriculture and Livestock Deputy Director Ismail Gurbuz, \"the Eastern Anatolia Region, especially in Elazığ, Malatya and Tunceli's part in this summer showed more drought effects . Therefore, showed more increase in prices of lentils . Especially in March, April is very little rainfall has affected much of the lentil acreage in our province . Lentil prices 79.7 per cent between October 2014 and October 2013 , that amounted to a price increase of around 80 percent , \"he said .
Last year, an increase in dry beans with speculation but themselves noted that they disregard it Gurbuz, the price of kilo's currently beans is around 5 pounds , the price increase is entirely due to the drought , he added .


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