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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 14:32

Retired workers died trying to pay off credit debt

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Elazığ Provincial Health Directorate will be hanged nets when attaching hooks to constitute a threat to the stairwell of the building falling down from the 5th floor Orhan Erdogan retired workers who died , was buried next to his wife .

Elazığ news: Retired workers , and learned that trying to pay bank loans because of the additional jobs will go to the army's son. Photo Event , on the way Keb occurred yesterday in Elazığ Provincial Health Directorate building. Working on additional tasks given by a company , although retired 52-year-old Erdogan Orhan, while the hook era for the installation of netting to prevent falls , died after falling from the 5th floor. The funeral Photo Orhaner in the industrial neighborhood where today was brought to the Aga Steel Mosque . Following the subsequent funeral prayers of the noon prayer Asri Cemetery taken by Orhan's funeral, three months ago , he had died of cancer, his wife Nevriye Orhan (51) was buried next to the grave. Photo consecutive aunt and Orhan Hassan said that they lost their brother , \"My brother had to work due to financial difficulties . My brother had pulled out a bank loan is not a good financial situation . Houses were rental. due to her husband's illness and does not work because it is going to soldier's son was going to the extra work, \"he said. of Photo Brotherhood health provincial offices , where he worked in the building Ranked Orhan Hassan voicing died after falling from space , \"We will bury 3 months before dying next to his wife . I hope that after these types of accidents can be avoided . I want you to take the necessary measures to prevent such accidents ,\"he said .

Retired workers died trying to pay off credit debt" comments for.


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