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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 09:50

Stale bread will not ruin

Stale bread will not ruin
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For example bread go to waste Municipality has launched a study of Elazig .

Elazığ news: The bread was stale bread collected through collection boxes prepared by the municipality to be used in feed mills and animal shelters instead of the trash. Was prepared to avoid the bread stale bread boxes to the trash Photo Elazığ Municipality . Hundred pieces of stale bread in the first place will be placed in the collection box by the City streets and neighborhoods . Stale bread in a box and checked every 2 days by municipal employees will be taken to feed mills and animal shelters . Photo viewing stale bread collection boxes and infallible knowledge of the area Elazig Mayor Mujahid , told the project. President infallible , \"we put in different places in Elazığ stale bread collection boxes were prepared. These will place starting today . They will be fixed . Bring Me · increasing home of stale bread they put into these boxes. Our team , our by checking one of these boxes in 2 days , stale bread receivables and will be forwarded to the place of use , \"he said .
\" a slice of bread wASTE should nOT \"Photo First degree record you need to prevent the waste infallible , \"a slice of bread should not be even wasted. But a well of life have our stale bread in our are that home truth. this stale bread are also looking for ways to evaluate the way rather best to throw in the trash . in this study, is one of them. we will place the first stage, a hundred stale bread box in different places . optionally substituted then, neighborhoods and our streets will put our stale bread box \"he said. spoke . Photo stale bread collected from the bread box , underlined by their teams a day will be 2 infallible , he would discuss the bread instead of sending waste to feed mills and animal shelters .


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