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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 06 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 11:47

Start of Elazig Development Conference Briefings

Start of Elazig Development Conference Briefings
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Elazığ Governor Ömer Faruk Kocak The 1st meeting of the General Assembly held the presidency for 2 Development , informational meetings began .

Elazığ news: Photo of Elazığ province , Elazığ Municipality, Fırat University , all public under the leadership of Elazig Commerce and Industry Chamber , private, with the participation of civil society organizations to be held on 29 November 2014'Development Conference 2nd Joint Meeting \"before the first briefing Elazig Pharmacists Room was held at the conference hall. The briefing to Congress Elazig Governor Ömer Faruk Kocak, Elazig Mayor Mujahid infallible , Firat University Rector Kutbeddin Demirdağ , Elazığ Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Ali Şekerdağ , Civil Society Platform period spokesperson Prof. Dr. Mehmet Candy was attended by NGO representatives . Photo on November 29, 2014 , Firat University Atatürk's planned Cultural Centre Development Conference 2nd Joint Meeting of the pre-civil society, the Governor met with organization representatives Kocak, \"focal sectors since Congress first phase identified seems to be composed of a perception as to ignore other sectors. No sector be ignored or postponing is not in question , but determining a focus for development is very important. the sectors as a result of an analysis that will determine our focus and prune our other will allow us to more rapid development with the sector. \"Governor stating Zealand following the Photo Featured sector is to some extent locomotive acts Kocak, \"These so will create a synergy that other sectors will come a point where we reconstruct much faster than the current speed . Things to be monitored jobs important. when we know we monitored our performance rises more . Therefore, this monitoring mechanism is quite important for all of us, our technical staff about who will do what they are doing necessary work , we're checking them from time to time . The November 29, 2014 after what appears to be everyone's duty to Elazig will hold a session to sign a commitment document on how to monitor everyone's duty . Our focus , our strategies , after determining what we , and how to follow'll make Bring where back together working Elazig deserves , \"he said .
Development is not an exceptional case in the General Assembly's second meeting if the Food, Agriculture and Livestock Minister Mehdi Eker , energy and Natural Resources Minister Taner Yildiz, Development Minister Cevdet Yilmaz Culture and Tourism Minister Omer Governor voicing the future of the steel Kocak, \"the central government's will that we received at the local has revealed his will concerning the implementation of this decision. In addition , bringing them together in a session Elazig Elazig tartıştırıp The results will be revealed themselves to see that day, we will always be together . Elazığ Governor's Office, the Municipality of Elazig , Firat University, Elazig Chamber of Commerce and Industry with the support of the NGO Platform Development Congress conducted very important. Such a platform is not in many parts of Turkey . Platform is a serious advantage . Elazig also shows how civil society is alive and strong , and our job very easy . Contributions made ​​by you, is very easy decision that we will not , \"he said .

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